If you require reliable bathtub surface refinishing services for your home in Guadalupe you can count on the expert contractors at NuFinishPro. Homeowners in the Guadalupe region can save money and time getting their bathtub refinished instead of replacing it. Bathtub refinishing contractors can potentially raise the curb appeal of your property. However, these services can be very high-priced. With NuFinishPro’s bathtub refinishing services, we can give your bathroom a brand new look in a shorter timeframe and at a much lower cost.

The trained contractors at NuFinishPro are qualified to perform superior resurfacing services that will last for many years. Over the years, we’ve restored all kinds of tiled surfaces of various conditions. You can trust our experienced technicians to beautify your bathroom and make it look great. The insightful crew at NuFinishPro of Santa Maria is dedicated to offering our clientele the finest in bathtub surface refinishing services.

Quality Surface Refinishing Services

Our bathtub refinishing company has the prowess to execute a number of services that will make your tub look up-to-date. Occasional repairs and refinishing work are indispensable for homeowners since bathtub are a highly used area of a home. With time your bathtub may exhibit discolored tub pans, cracked tile or rusty pressure valves, spouts or drains. It’s essential to stay on top of scheduled maintenance to ensure that it all stays in great condition for as long as possible. Although, an aged home may get to the point that it requires an in-depth bathroom refinishing project. Below are some of the services our craftsman can provide Guadalupe, CA clients:

  • Re-glaze tub
  • Repair tiled surfaces
  • Resurface fiberglass bathtub pan
  • Restoring bathtub
  • Fix and touch up tub enclosure
  • Chemically clean bathtub
  • Patch up plumber cut-outs made to walls
  • Add drain liners to tub
  • Apply non-skid floors
  • Use eco-friendly construction strategies

Contact Us for Bathtub Resurfacing

For the past 31 years, NuFinishPro has provided top-of-the-line refinishing services. Your local team in Guadalupe, CA, has the guidance and prowess to upgrade the appearance of your bathroom. Our deliberate and professional workers are trained, insured, and have passed painstaking background checks. NuFinishPro of Santa Maria invites you to get in touch with our local office in Guadalupe today to learn more about our bathtub refinishing and get a no-obligation estimate.

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